Canoco 5 Gallery

Working with Canoco5

Canoco5 is build around the concept of a project representing related data you have collected within your research project. A project puts together the original data, their multivariate analyses, as well as the graphs visualizing the results.

Creating new analyses

Many analyses that were very complex to setup and interpret in the old versions of Canoco (4.x) are now easily accessible in Canoco 5. The Canoco Adviser uses an expert system technology to match your data properties with appropriate analyses. This is a two-stage process illustrated below.

Working with graphs

Canoco 5 not only offers all the graphing facilities enjoyed by the users of CanoDraw program in the Canoco for Windows 4.5 package, but extends them in many ways, some of them illustrated below.

Advanced features

Canoco 5 offers many specialized analyses (some of them completely new, such as the symmetric co-correspondence analysis), and all of them are very easy to apply to your data. Here we present just one example, representing the principal response curves (PRC) method.